Paid $400 for Test Print cards from Jungle

Remembered you from this thread, thought you might like these :rofl:


I kinda feel the same way. But heck I’ll post mine.

I picked up these two.

I did have a crazy idea of cracking one or possibly both to have them signed by Arita to make them truly unique…but I kinda had second thoughts of doing it :sweat_smile:


that was my idea but I couldn’t win an arita card :smiley:


I wish I got Arita to sign a card when he was in Aust just couldn’t get to it

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In the event that I do decide to get this test print autographed, do you folks know whether I’d be able to get the red PSA label or do you think it would be the blue label one for just the autograph? I heard there will be a PSA submission booth on site but I’m not 100% sure.

Likely blue as it’s not clear that PSA grades these at all (outside that one we’ve seen). You could also get the black and gold with CGC since we know they definitely grade them

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Is that possible to grade square cut card in PSA?

Honestly, I have no idea. But PFM posted this


That is not 100% square corners :slight_smile:

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I am curious to know what this means for PSA and other test prints/proofs going forward. The article shed no further light. Are there other examples of PSA authenticating something similar?

No, they have traditionally stayed very far away from these kinda cards

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Made up my mind to not crack it. Since this event doesn’t allow for the character sketch or katakana/kanji personalization. Maybe in the future he’ll do that again and I’ll try and do it.

Lol :slight_smile:


The ol’ dartboard and see what sticks tactic…

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I suppose these might also count?


Yep, they’ve started in the very near past but there’s still no clarity on what is eligible and what isn’t. Before 2023 it was a hard “no”. Interesting times

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I’d buy that for the right price. I prefer those over the TMB phone cards


TMB phone cards are overrated due to their odd shape and lack of TCG back IMO

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What are these phone cards you speak

Ah its basically the bird trio and looks just like that but on a japanese pay phone card that was slightly longer and doesnt have the pokemon card back. This is one I found on insta