Package Lost.... What to do?

So this is the first time I’ve ever had anything lost WITH a tracking number.

I bought 3 complete sets off eBay with the intention of selling them. The seller shipped out promptly and provided a tracking number. The package left and was tracked up until it left the state distributing place. Then nothing.

It has been a substantial amount of time. No updates. I’m trying to get ahold of USPS, but I can never get to an actual person which is beyond frustrating.

Has anyone dealt with this before? If so, do you have any suggestions?

It was a rather expensive package and I would really like to get it back.
I don’t think it’s fair to ask the seller to repay me since they did nothing wrong, but being out of all that money really sucks… :confused:

I guess I’ve learned my lesson to not ship expensive packages without insurance, but it’s too late for this package sadly…

Any advice is greatly appreciated!! :blush:

(It’s all US shipping , btw. It’s not international. Just coming from North Carolina to Michigan.)

How long has it been since you purchased the item? If it has been over 2 weeks I would first call usps and talk to customer service. Once you get through their customer service is great.

If they cannot do anything I would suggest opening a case through ebay/paypal. It will not escalate to a claim for a week or two so you have plenty of time for it to arrive before a refund is granted.

As the buyer you are in the driver seat here and you should not feel bad even though it is a bad situation for both buyer & seller. You are very nice in how you are handling the situation and considering that the seller did not do anything wrong, which is great.

Anyway, try talking to USPS. I typically only have to wait about 5 minutes to get through, but they usually do a great job of tracking something down once you inform them it is missing. Also, if you talk to your local post office they might be able to point you in another direction.

Do you call the same number to get to talk with a person or is it a different number?

It’s been about 3-ish weeks, so it’s been awhile.

Thanks for the reply! :blush:

Spamming 0 on the keypad when calling will get you through to a customer service rep bypassing any automated things, works 99% of the time. Give it a try, best of luck!