Outstanding PSA Orders with Ludkins Collectables USA

I have an email from him a few posts up. I have 2 auto orders as well

I also haven’t heard/gotten any update on the 12 cards I sent - that are part of 330BulkD. I sent these cards back in March 2021. Still showing up as in “grading” state. No notification of card damage either (yet anyway) as someone earlier mentioned they had heard from Peter for 2 of their cards as part of 330BulkD back in Jan. I’m really hoping my cards weren’t damaged. Does anything think it’s worth sending email to Peter on this, or should I just wait a little longer.?

Don’t use the tracker to determine status, that hasn’t worked in over a year. I’d email Peter to see if he has any status on your order.


Definitely email Peter, he’s pretty responsive these days.

Just got a return shipping email for 215G-K :partying_face:

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Just got one for my 0230G-A as well. Just one more to go!

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Got the sub back, 12 of the 54 cards were missing.i had a list sent from peter after the cards entered PSA’s system, so i know exactly which cards/certs. unsure though if i will get to ever see the cards though. Pretty pissed, emailed ludkins with minimal “Karen” attitude though. Hopefully i can get the cards back… should i include the list/certs here?


Several months ago there was one sub I got back from Ludkins that had 6 cards from someone else’s submission in addition to all of mine. I mailed them back to Peter and I think he got it sorted out, but it’s possible a similar mistake might have happened (I think he has someone helping him who maybe isn’t as experienced). Hopefully whoever might have accidentally gotten your cards also sends them back and everything gets resolved smoothly.


Id definitely atleast list the cert #'s here, if someone is looking at certs more than anyone else its E4. Couldnt hurt!

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I had a similar issue back in the day where they didn’t send back two of my cards from my order. I had to provide documentation and be polite, but firm, before I could get them to acknowledge them as actually missing from the order

I’ve sent like 2000 cards with them between PSA and CGC (EW) and had a dealer account so I’d be pissed if they don’t take my word

When i got my sub back after 2 years 1 card was missing a champions path charizard V promo.

I didnt bother emailing Peter about it since it didnt seem to be worth the headache of finding it. Espically if it didnt get a 10 lol

A PSA 9 Base Set Charizard was missing from one of my subs. I emailed Peter and received 1.5k in compensation for the missing card.


Im going to be upset if it comes to compensation as the “value” is not anything near what i would want. I will fight tooth and nail for purchase reimbursement if it comes to “value” not “comps”. Meaning if I dont get paid enough to go and buy all 12 cards with shipping included, im going to fight it. I would much prefer my own cards anyway, seeing as a few of the 12 arent even available anyway. It doesnt help ludkins has a history of taking a week to respond, i feel horrible dealing with them.

Been over 2 weeks, and I still haven’t heard back yet from Peter!

Still waiting on my last order: 330BulkD

The pops of the 4 cards I subbed increased this morning :eyes:


Hopefully your time has come man


Were yours also in the 330bulk order?

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No, mine were individual orders

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