OtterGang's Cameo & Trainer Collection

Heya PokePeeps! I’ve begun the road to acquiring every Japanese card that correlates to a trainer or any of the villainous teams, whether it be a gym leader, Elite 4 member, Frontier Brain, or an anime character… I’ll be scoopin’ em up one by one. Now at first this seemed a bit too simple, so why not make it interesting? Actual Pokemon cards only, no trainer cards because let’s be real, they got a whole card to themselves, the critters need to shine. How about we also spend a couple days looking at all the cards released throughout the years, and picking out the lucky few that has any human being in the artwork? Sounds like a blast. And there were more than I had thought thankfully, otherwise that would have been a very long and boring process I had just gone through. Without further ado, I will leave my spreadsheet link below so others can take a peep at what I’ve been working on.

I will also be progressively adding photos of what comes in for this rad collection of mine. Thank you for taking a look if you do, feel free to comment or leave any comments, additions, or criticisms if you so have any!

Trainer/Cameo Spreadsheet.I will also start this off by proudly showing the few I have graded at the moment.

Now Sneasel is my all time favorite Pokemon, so these are a great part of my collection, along with all the other graded Sneasel’s I have. But cmon, who couldn’t love this little guy?

This speaks for itself, both of these are also in my top favorite characters. This Umbreon is a huge deal to me not because of it’s value, but it was the first card I ever graded by myself at PSA. I was very hopeful to get an 8, but honestly would have been happy with a 7 if I’m being honest. So to get what I did on a random card I bought from someone in Japan was and still is a huge deal to me. On top of being my favorite Eeveelution of course.

Now these little fellas. Again, some of my favorites. Any guess why? To date, these dudes (I consider) are the closest Pokemon related to an otter that have been released. Sorry Oshawott fans, Samurott’s design killed the whole thing for me. Had it stopped at Dewott I’d be on board.

And finally (for now) the bigboi. If you don’t think this is the best Gyarados artwork ever you’re lying. And since we’re telling the truth here, I’ll go ahead and say the same for the Scyther. They don’t seem to be the ones you want to mess with at the moment, so just agree with me and enjoy the rest of your day.

That’s all I’ve got for now! But I have a nice stack of singles staring at me that will be getting posted up as I go! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I will!

~ OtterGang ~


Hello folks! Sorted through the little stack of new additions I’ve gotten in over the last week or so, so it’s time for an update!

I’ve had these sitting already but haven’t moved them to a binder yet. The Xatu, Pidgeotto, Aerodactyl and Kabutops don’t necessarily fit the challenge because they belong to the City technically, but I love the artwork on them so figured I’d show them regardless. I do also have the Latias and Latios holos from this set with some crazy swirl placements I may showcase later on. But here they are! These were from a half deck released for the movie Pokemon Heroes: Latios & Latias.

Up next are some Team Plasma cards, some bad guys.

Some of the more modern era cards, we’ve got Erika, Lillie, Gladion, and N.

A couple of the CSR VMAX from VMAX Climax that I’ve been missing.

A couple unnumbered promotional cards, featuring Erika and Pryce. This Lapras has two print runs, as it was first distributed as a promotional card in an edition of Pokémon Card Information magazine. It also had a 1st Edition print in the main set ポケモンカード★VS (Pokemon VS)

Now these are just a handful of the hidden gems in the ‘bulk’ category I was able to find. You’ve got some Team Rocket grunts, Giovanni, Jessie & James, Team Skull, Barry, Professor Rowan, Janine, Lysander, and Misty!

And last for today, but certainly not least, we’ve got some of those amazing Platinum era trainer cards. Gym Leaders, Frontier Brains, Elite Four, Team Galactic, and Cynthia’s Champion cards.

Thanks for stopping back if you did! I will still be periodically updating with new additions as they come so stay tuned. :blush:


Great variety, nice collection!

Thanks! It’s all starting to come together nicely. I actually got a nice package in this afternoon from Japan so I’ll have another 120 or so new additions to post tomorrow :grin:

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I’m baaaack! Had one smaller package arrive Saturday and a surprise Sunday delivery from overseas! Lot’s of new additions to post today and I’m very excited to have them in. Let’s get started.

So this was the smaller package, another CSR, and a couple 25th Anniv. hits I needed, and MY BOY QUAGSIRE.

Promos from the Deoxys, Jirachi, and Lucario movies :blush:

Team Plasma and some B&W bulk.

Team Plasma again.

And again.

And again…

Some nice XY bulk.

And again.

Team Aqua deck kits.

Team Magma deck kits.

Magma vs. Aqua: Two Ambitions set bulk.

Some nice Platinum stuff.

Infernape half deck.

Gallade half deck.

Garchomp half deck.

And today we’ll end it off with some more movie promos! And a lonely DPt-P promo.

Hope you enjoy the growing collection! As more shipments with new additions slow down, I will probably make a few posts here and there showcasing the sets and cards that I already had in my possession before I started this project, so stay tuned for more!


I loooove the Magma/Aqua cards. One of these days I’ll try and complete the full set. I also really dig the Plasma cgi cards. Super nostalgic for me. The DPP era cgi stuff has a similar feel to those too.

I’ve honestly never really been a HUGE fan of the CGI style artworks, probably why I originally started to lose interest back in the day when Black & White came out. But they’re slowly starting the grow on me a bit, I will say I do like it on the TM/TA sets for some reason I can’t figure out, a bit more realistic maybe. But yeah this whole process is bringing to light a ton of stuff I never would have given a second look to, it’s pretty enjoyable to say the least.