Opinions of Deal

Got a seller, liquidating. Wants $3800 for the following. My goal is to buy and flip.


  • 1 Shadowless Charizard PSA4

  • 1 Shadowless Charizard PSA5

  • 1 Shadowless Charizard PSA6

  • 2 PSA 10 Prerelease Dark Gyarados

  • 1 PSA 8 Sabrina’s Alakazam

  • 1 PSA 7 Nidoking, First Edtion

  • 1 PSA 7 Alakazam, First Edition

  • 1 PSA 5 Blastoise, First Edition

  • 1 PSA 9 Dark Slowbro, First Edition, Non-Holo

  • 1 PSA 8 Dark Persian, Promo, No HP

  • 1 PSA 7 Raichu, Shadowless

  • 1 PSA 6 Zapdos, First Edition

  • 1 PSA 6 Machamp, First Edition

  • 1 PSA 9 Pikachu, First Edition, Yellow Cheeks

  • 1 PSA 9 Pikachu, First Edition, Red Cheeks

  • 1 PSA 9 Pikachu, Shadowless, Yellow Cheeks


  • Blaine’s Charizard, Corrected

  • Blaine’s Charizard, Error

  • Shadowless: Alakazam, Gyarados, Hitmonchan, Venusaur

  • Error Ancient Mew (Nintedo)

3 Base Unlimited Packs, Charizard, 4th print

Miscellaneous raw Base, Jungle, Fossil, Rocket holos/non-holos/promos

Utilize Pokeprice to get your estimate or Watchcount completed listings, that’s a lot of work for a member w/ no return and your best bet.

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Forget whatshouldibuy, now it’s howdoiflip!


Why can’t you just look up ebay sold and calculate it all?


Best I can figure, the 3 PSA shadowless Charizards would cover 95% of the costs.

These should I buy? Threads seem like thinly veiled sales posts lol

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I promise you, I put much less effort into this than you think. But, if you’re interested…DM me…I’ll give you the dandelion yellow special :wink:


The three zards would be more like 25%

Surely you’re joking :’)

No, seems I used the 1st edition stats by accident. But see, that’s why I need y’alls help. I am incapable. I’ll cut someone in to do all the work. 25%.

25% of zero profit is zero profit…


Not trying to be harsh or rude, but you have no business flipping these cards if you’re unable to figure out the prices by yourself! Flip something you have knowledge about.


Based upon all of your exceedingly high post counts, I am going to claim bullying…possibly sexual harassment. My lawyer will be in contact.



30%, and I get to keep red cheeks pika.

(did i meme well for my first time?)

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I googled “how to flip” and this was the first video to come up. Hope it helps :blush:


Yeah buy it.

Based on my research, I’d pay 8700.00 for the lot if the Shadowless Alakazam, Gyarados, Hitmonchan, Venusaur are at least in PSA 3/4 condition.

I think you’ve miscalculated somewhere :stuck_out_tongue: