Opinion poll: If the seller sent the wrong item(s), can they really ask for them back?

Yes it should be returned.


Yeah! Absolutely not should the buyer have to pay for supplies to fix seller’s mistake.

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Perhaps some of us remember Sears. Like Toys R Us, they were bought out and those change -overs never happen seamlessly. In selling off their stock, they accidentally sent me a duplicate order of PkMn Colosseum. Now, I’d gladly have kept it, but I figured someone might not have gotten their copy, so I contacted customer support.

They could not have cared less, especially with all the other stuff going on there at the time. Point is, good faith efforts and intent are VERY important, both in law and society. The simple words used in a statement, or current status of a thing, are not sufficient to determine the right course of action. Indeed.

2004: Sears mails you an extra copy of Pokemon Colosseum.

2023: Your extra copy of Pokemon Colosseum is worth more than the entire company Sears.


I’ll play devil’s advocate here. If someone sends me the wrong card, there is a great cost to me shipping it back. The closest post office to me is 20min away, so I spend ~45min of my day just to return a card. If I make $100/hr then I’m losing the equivalent of $75 to return this card. Time is the most expensive resource people have.

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Agreed. As a seller I’d think that time is a part of the resources that I’d have to consider on the buyer’s behalf. I cannot ask them to spend their time, unless I compensate them for it, which was a big part of my innitial feeling that I should not expect it back. However, I think that in some cases, a compromise can be reached. However, I have a simple solution. DON’T make dumb mistakes. haha. It’s a good discussion to have tho. This stuff Does happen… :unamused:

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