Ooh, aah, eww -- Card Variations and the "Pure Line"

So I’ve looked through a few card lists on the TCG line and have cringed at some of the artwork. For a while I thought there weren’t any cards without a cringe-worthy card art, but then I came across Ninetails:


All of the artwork is rather well done, and some of them are absolutely stunning.

What card lines do you think have a consistent “awesome” factor in card art and what are some of the worst card art variations you’ve seen?

Pictures are suggested, of course!

Also, awesome card of Ninetails:

the gym sets have a lot of great sugimori artwork. The neo intro deck and natta wake set have my favorite himeno artwork. Also a big fan of the T promo dragonite line :blush:

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That Hoppip card is one of my favorites!

Yes, Gym sets are pure win from wotc-era. Too many great cards to choose from, but let me share some favourites with awesome/pure artwork:

Last but not least, Neo Discovery Umbreon, who wouldn’t like this. :blush:

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Neo 2 Umbreon is a personal fav as well, when the tcg uses the moon it looks good!

Yep both gym sets are classics, aside from any promo series I think they are the most consistant in terms of quality artwork (not least because of grand master Sugimori). In general I strongly believe that WOTC era produced the best sets and sometimes makes the newer sets look inferior!

Wow I’m going to have to get my hands on that Neo Umbreon now. That card is gorgeous! Does it come in Japanese? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Gym, has to be gym. Especially with the coro coro promos as well.

Intro deck also has awesome Teddiursa and Marill!

Yes it does, you can get it relatively cheap atm. :wink:

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Some of my favorite:

Cards I can’t stand the artwork to:

Nothing against Vulpix, it’s just the artwork that bothers me a lot on both of these cards.

Love the paras

I might be a bit biased, but I love the ADV/PCG and LEGEND eras.

Here is one of my favorites:

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