Theres a MISPRINT 2011 Tropical Beach card withe Staff stamp all the way on the side. Its on ebay.

Potentially very stupid question…but how are stamped cards made?

Finalist: 12
semi finalist: 24
quater finalist: 48
top sixteen: 96
Top thirty two: 192
Staff: 100+
non stamped: many

See, I thought that but recent cards have made me think maybe some of the rarer cards are hand-stamped. I’m guessing its expensive to create new stamps for a machine:

  • would you really go to all that expense and trouble for only 6 cards? (the recent comic-con cards DJ and Scott found)

  • this staff card looks like it’d be well out of tolerance for a machine. Depending on the machine, if these are fed in and stamped, it’d be nearly impossible for a stamp to be placed like in this error

I know most people don’t care about the details but this one has me scratching my head

Hahaha wow. I misread That…I thought it said how many are made.

I don’t really think its an expense or trouble for them. If you think about all the foil effects they use, stamping a card is probably easy. They have been doing it since the jungle set so they have go it down to a science…until the stamper or the card goes sideways like the card in the post.

But creating one a new stamp does seem like a bit of work with the whole design process…unless they laser etch it. In that cause they never really have to make a physical stamp…but I doubt they use that process.

This is the part that has me scratching my head - because I agree with you Mike. Maybe I’m over-thinking it

lol been awhile since we last saw an error worlds card.wonder since its a so called misprint will it go higher than usual