Odnihs' buylist - PSA 10 Uniqlo Pika set, Munch set, Lucky Stadiums

Hi everyone,

Figured it’s time to put a dent in some collecting goals, so here goes! Please let me know if any of these prices seem far off the mark. The Uniqlo Pikachu set and remaining Lucky Stadiums are higher priority at the moment, but I wouldn’t mind knocking out some Munch promos too. I am located in the US.

PSA 10 Uniqlo/Warm Pikachu - $7,200 for a whole set; $1,800 each

Pikachu 094/XY-P
Pikachu 095/XY-P
Pikachu 096/XY-P
Pikachu 097/XY-P

PSA 10 Lucky Stadiums

Kansai - $250
Kyushu - $250
Hokushin’etsu - $300

PSA 10 Munch set - I’d like to complete the set all at once for $6,800, but feel free to let me know if you have pieces of it.

Psyduck 286/SM-P
Eevee 287/SM-P
Pikachu 288/SM-P
Mimikyu 289/SM-P
Rowlet 290/SM-P