Odd number of packs? - Sealed base set booster box

Hello folks,

I purchased a base set booster box quite some time ago now and I’ve always had this feeling in the back of my mind that there’s something wrong with it.

The box itself obviously still has the WOTC wrapping on it and it’s tight around the box. The box weighs 796g which I believe is on the heavier side of boxes.

The thing that’s nagging me is that when you tilt the box you can hear a pack move from side to side. I have tied to jiggle the pack into place but nothing happens, it just moves side to side and I’m not going to try to hard as the box is in very good condition.

My questions to you guys are:

  • Does this seem suspicious?
  • Are there any other ways of proving it’s authenticity?
  • Is it possible that there is in fact a legitimate odd number of packs in the box?

Thank you.

If you watch box openings on YouTube you can see that the majority of the time one pack floats on top of the others. It should be nothing to worry about

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It does not seem suspicious at all and is quite ordinary. I myself had the same thing, and as mthursty mentioned, it is common for most people on their breaks.

An odd # has never occurred on video anywhere that I know of. I can’t say it has never happened, but honestly, it isn’t going to happen.

But I wouldn’t worry at all as that being the basis of your concern. Rest easy on that my friend. But it sounds like you are more concerned about just proving the box’s authenticity in general. Look carefully for any single indication of wear, indentation, scratching, or anything of the sort UNDER the plastic wrap that ISN’T present on the plastic. That, and compare the seal on the sides where they heat it and compare it to legit boxes in videos on youtube. It has a fairly consistent pattern. Beyond that, as you noted, there is only really weight to go by. And a trusted source you obtained it from (sourcing its origin, ideally how long it was in possession of previous owner). One other thing I can think of: carefully press down and peek inside under the perforated tabs (if it is already broken! haha) and check to see that the pack crimps look neat (very hard to do admittedly) rather than uneven cut-wise. Really just any evidence of foul play under there.

A little light read, interesting and relevant video therein:


Thank you @mthursty, that reassures me quite a bit!

And thank you too @brendantheclayboy, I’ll make sure I check those things you have listed when I next get the box out. Yes the tabs are broken, not sure if it was me trying to peek in or if it was already like that!

  • Is it possible that there is in fact a legitimate odd number of packs in the box?

Yes, there have been cases of base set boxes having 37 packs, so maybe you got lucky!