Obscure rares thread

I’ve been coming across a few cards that i very rarely see discussed so i wanted to shine some light on em. I love reading about cards that are rich in history but under appreciated by the average collector. Heres a few ive seen:

-E3 Japanese backed Pichu and Hoppip

English Bugsy’s Yanma

i want the pichu lol

LOL thanks for using my picture of the pichu!

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Apologies! want me to take it down?

What’s the story on these?

I sold both cards for $500. I only have the Pichu left if you’re interested.

Here’s another card:

Festa Pikachu

I’m actually in the market for this one, so pm me if you have one to sell :blush:

At an E3 event, you could obtain a special back with the Pichu and Hoppip and 1-2 other random cards inside. The Pichu and Hoppip are English cards on the front but have Japanese backs. The cards and pack are very rare. I’m not sure why, but I can guess that just not to many packs were handed out.

I am not sure why Bugsy’s Yanma was posted. I am assuming it was posted in reference to the English VS set. If that is the case, the story behind that is at a TMB, participants were given a set of VS cards in their own language. There were a few English participants (12 I believe), so there are an equal amount of English sets. There are also sets in foreign languages such as Spanish that are even rarer and have yet to surface. This happened on two occasions.
Here are pictures: pokegym.net/gallery/browseimages.php?c=210


Daelum, that was a great post! i wasn’t sure the details about the yanma til now, thanks! the gallery is awesome too!

I need the E3 pack but i do not know where to find one :slightly_frowning_face:
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