Nov 13th - Nov 19th, 2014 - Starmie H28 - Skyridge

Card of the week - Nov 13th - Nov 19th, 2014Starmie H28 - Skyridge

The Skyridge set has some incredible artwork in it, and this beautiful Starmie has been suggested by @funmonkey54
Starmie doesn’t get enough love, and this artwork is a reason that it should.

What is your favourite Starmie/Skyridge Card?


This is my favorite Starmie card:

It is a set card, but was only printed as a holo card in japanese. It reminds me of a masaki card for some reason. I also prefer the japanese border for this artwork.


Get out of here, Scott. This is my lil’ baby’s time to shine.

This Starmie is the best artwork to have ever been released. Everything else pales in comparison. Early pika trophies and the likes try so hard, but this is a standalone prodigy. Rumor has it the card was immaculately conceived. It glows with divinity. It points its head North and communicates with the god of the North Star who grants it the powers of light and direction. It is feared, but loved. Starmie is a generous god.


Maybe H10/H32 aka Michael Bay’s Gyarados ? :grin:

Also Dewgong+Politoed look nice and simple.

Ugh, honestly, I hate the “MB” Gyarados. The art is some of the worst featured on a set that has some of the most amazingly detailed artwork like this gorgeous Starmie. It’s my least favorite card in my TCG collection too. It’s flat and boring despite having so much on it at once with the explosions in the background. :unamused: I’d burn it if it weren’t official is how much I dislike it. >_<

As for my favorites, I do have a particular fondness to the Starmie and think it’s the best rendition of the Pokemon in any of the other card series, but I also want to give out some shoutouts to these guys:

I love how menacing Alakazam looks in this. It almost has a realism to it that freaks me out and I love it.

This is one of my favorite artworks. I love the background, the holo effect, and the illustration is gorgeous. Though the Starmie does take the cake in my eyes as my favorite Starmie card.

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I always liked the Scenery in this artwork.

For Skyridge as a whole, I think Retro Energy is my favorite art in the set, and my favorite art on an energy ever.

As much as I like the Snorlax in the hot springs, I’ve always felt like the Ursaring looks better.

The e series had amazing trainer/stadium/energy cards and really just great artwork in general

Lovely card, but HoW about this Gym one!?

I Especially love the gym deck exclusive cards and corocoro promos.

My favourite Starmie card yea would be the Skyridge one

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Love the dewgong from skyridge