Not For Sale?! (Yahoo Japan Question)

From time to time I’ve noticed that sellers on YJ will list a product for sale, but…

In the Description says “Not for sale”?

What is the point in this? Is it really not for sale? Is it a way to show off what they have??

Plz Halp :rage:

Example: (

A link or more information would be lovely?

inb4 bad translation from Google.


Just added one to original post! :grin:

That means that it wasn’t a retail card and couldn’t be bought in a store.

It was given out when people went to see one of the Pokemon movies, so therefore not for sale but distributed. So it has nothing to do with the lot. :blush:

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I’ll mirror @milhouse

All it means is that it wasn’t for sale in stores. Since it is a promo.

Thanks guys!! :blush:

What about this scenario??

Same thing. It’s a promo card.

Thanks for the help!