Noppin Warning: Players Umbreon, Espeon YJ! Auction

That’s rough :slightly_frowning_face:

Why would anyone use Noppin then?! This message would definitely annoy me if I was the winner. Spending all that time and preparing all that money, just for them to say that they won’t do the service they’re paid to do. I understand the whole counterfeit argument, but isn’t that on the buyer as we have unfortunately learned through @pottsinator and others?

So let’s just summarize their argument: The item is too expensive and it might be fake so we won’t let you pay for it.

Noppin said the buyer could take the risk, but it is entirely up to the buyer.

The seller has sold counterfeit Chinese items. Noppin is just doing their due diligence.


A few members have already seen this message in the Giant Auction thread, but we wanted to make this its own topic so it can be more visible for guests and any potential bidders on the Players Umbreon/Espeon auction.

Here is the message:

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I think Noppin should let the buyer choose to proceed with the purchase if the buyer agrees to release Noppin of any liability in the event that the listing is a scam. I’m sure Noppin would still be willing to help resolve the issue to the furthest of their capabilities, but I agree with them - I wouldn’t willingly put my own $7k on the line like that.

They allowed the buyer to still purchase the card. However, the buyer assumes all responsibility. This is why they advised against wiring the funds as there is nothing Noppin can do if the seller is indeed fraudulent.

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@smpratte That’s good that they’re giving them the option to pay. I thought they were just totally cancelling the auction and refusing to accept the buyer’s payment because of the possibility of it being fake. It makes much more sense to me now, thanks for clearing it up.

It’s oddly convenient that we were talking about this exact situation, then it happened and answered our questions haha

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