No Rarity Vs QSS Pokemon Trader PSA Question!?

Okay so @japanime pointed out to me a week or so ago that there are text differences between the Base Set No Rarity Pokemon Trader and the Quick Starter Set Pokemon Trader. I posted the differences with pictures in the No Rarity Price Discussion Thread. Anyway I came across this just now and I believe it is the QSS Pokemon trader NOT the Base Set No Rarity Version but PSA has labeled it as No Rarity Symbol. So is PSA not aware of there being different versions of this card or is this possibly fake?! I’m confused and need some help here guys :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Link to the auction is

isnt a fake. Thorgene is from this forum. Trusted seller/collector PSA stuffed up.

I Doubt @thorgene even knew himself.

I was unaware of it untill i stumbled across something pretty secretive. One thing that got me the other day was the gust of wind… didnt even know about it!

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Same here, it’s cool finding out a little bit more about the elusive no rarities. well good to know! and also is the QSS version of this card worth as much as the No Rarity version in Gem Mint Condition cause I have 2 of them and would send em in to PSA if so

@supersaiyanampharos Very interesting! Would be glad to hear from you or @japanime on what the exact differences are (Photos would help) In regards to its authenticity, I picked this card up with several others in a giant NSR lot from a trusted seller in Japan.

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Well from my looking into it I have found that the QSS card has a space in the middle of the text where as the Base set card does not and also the QSS card seems to have a slightly different font but that could be just me but here is a comparison.
Here is the QSS Pokemon Trader

and here is the Base Set Pokemon Trader

So your card is definitely authentic it’s just the QSS card and PSA had labeled it as No Rarity which got me all confused lol :face_with_spiral_eyes: didn’t mean to accuse it of being fake or anything! Hope this helps :grin:

Interesting find, Will relay my thoughts to seller. He may be in contact with you since you seem to be the subject matter expert thanks! @supersaiyanampharos

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“Relay my thoughts to the seller”…

BRUH. You is the sella

Gotta give credit to @japanime cause without him pointing out what I explained I never would have known the differences! :blush: knowledge is power :sunglasses:

did you recieve any holos in this NSR lot @thorgene ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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For those that want reference images to all the No Rarity vs Quickstarter click the spoiler. Images on the left are No Rarity, right are Quickstarter.



@cullers Awesome this is very helpful! Thanks :blush: Do you have any idea if the QSS trainers are as valuable as the No Rarity ones?

Thanks :blush:

I personally credit @cullers for helping bring these differences to light. They even tripped me up in the past.

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They’re not as valuable. The quickstarters all came from the red/green quickstarter gift set image:

There were quite a bit of those gift boxes for sale. No rarity cards on the other hand are very rare and hard to find.

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*face palm*

Keep up Jeremy.

Blastoise and alakazam, Hoping at least one of em grades a 10.

Blastoise :grin: