No Raritans

Hey guys,

Was wondering what many of you would consider a good/solid offer for a psa 10 no rarity base holo. Have been lurking around the recent postings as of late but want to be certain of my offer before I make one :] Any help would be much appreciated, thanks again!

P.S: have we uncovered from where these cards have been found in? Have been out of the loops for a while :unamused:

@pokemonsyndicate sells/buys No Rarities pretty often. And there are a couple of other people who might give a pretty good idea on the prices here on the forum.

It also really depends on which Holo, since a Charizard will obviously be worth a lot more than a Machamp.

As for your question,

I think others are also able to answer this better than me. If I’m not mistaken they are from the same period as the regular Japanese Base set cards (1996). They seem to pop up more often now since 2011, so I have no idea why they were ‘discovered’ so late.


You’d have to outbid @pokemonsyndicate so probably $55,000 to $85,000 per holo


Whos card you trying to buy?


Cardhouseeu - ninetales

or Pokephd.

What is the card your buying man… dont tell me you found the second psa 10 charizard?

If I ever found that zard I would have to tell you first :] I have interest in the raichu from EU, and the gyarados from pokemonpalace atm

Talk about creeping hard xD

Looks at profile pic. Thinks of 3rd PSA 10. :grin:

Would like to note (as I will at every opportunity) that the current PSA 10 Ninetales was a regrade from a 9 that I sold to cardhouseeu/renazjuve (gold star dogs guy) who then attempted to scam away from me with a false paypal claim (ironically, that the card was not PSA 9 quality). I would absolutely avoid any business with him.

As for prices, anywhere from $600-1200 would be a good price in my opinion depending on the holo. Magneton/Poliwrath? Maybe $600-650. Mewtwo/Alakazam? Probably over $1000. All the starters should obviously be worth several thousand.


I have gems xD

Hey, in regards to no raritans, are the obscure ones harder to find in mint? I know price wise, theres no comparison, but im just curious. Like magikarp, i almost never see mint versions of that pop up. Just curious on the specific obscure ones that never pop up, much less in good condition. Mostly aimed to syndicate, since hes the big authority on these

Can I just say how much I hate the word “raritans”?

There, I said it. :sunglasses:


C’mon, give @pokemonsyndicate some credit for creating whole new language. :grin:


That’s it Tingz will be thrown. No Raritan’s will suffice :sunglasses:

" Pokemon syndicate "

PSA 10 no raritans, some of the top Pokemoon cardlings in the collecting world, very nice tingz indeed.

Especially stoicemuss, venubae and the all mighty zardling.


I am beginning to become quite fluehtlingtons in this languagenz actualington I admire the tingz. The No Raritan legacy has emergeered and there is no going back.

Now syndicate shall I throw the tingz or do you prefer the honorenz?


Be careful not to trigger da syndicate der boi

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recent aquirementington thankyou all for speaking my lingueege


Proud to say that this beauty arrived in the mail today :] Finally part of the no raritan 10 club haha!