Newest addition

Hey all new here.
I just signed up so i thought if post a picture of my newest card, but I can’t seem to find how to post photos yet. I’ll have to learn haha.

Newest card to my addition is a holo japanese base set no rarity symbol zapdos. Zapdos is my favourite pokemon so I’d pretty cool to have such a rare one :blush:

Look forward to chatting/meeting new people.

Kind regards, Andrew :blush:

The best way is to get an account on imgur or photobucket. You can upload photos and they’ll give you an “IMG Link” which you can copy paste into posts. :blush:

Awesome thanks mate! I’ll endeavour to do that today :blush:


Nice card, and welcome to the forum!

Welcome to the forum! Are you by any chance a singular Pokemon collector like myself? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, nice presentation on the card. Out of the three legendary Bird Pokemon, Zapdos was my favorite.

Great card! It looks to be in excellent condition.

Welcome to UPCCC. :blush:

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Indeed I am mate, glad it’s not just me haha!

Thanks everyone look forward to posting and learning more from everyone :blush:

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@drewcastle, there’s a few more like us. You’ll have to post your collection so far! I’ll always look to see if I have any Zapdos cards to offer you at all, though I can’t remember any from the top of my head but we’ll see!

You’re going to fit in just fine. :blush:

Thanks man! Really really appriciate it :blush:

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Very nice addition! Also, welcome!

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Where abouts you from? Is that a pun on Newcastle?

Very nice Zapdos!
So you collect only it?

@pokemontrader nah mate I also collect gengar, gyarados and charizards cards aswell, basiclly all I collect, not so much into complete sets etc

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Ooh! Another Gyarados collector! You’ll have to show us what you have! :grin:

Hi Andrew,

Andrew here also, nice to meet you and welcome.

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@azulryu I don’t have much ATM cause I’ve only started the gyarados collection, unfortunately I sold my mint japanese shining gyarados to fund some bills, shame too cause that was by far my favourite card ever :confused:

My heart goes out to you. D: That is probably the number one card on my list to have in my collection that is realistic.

@azulryu do you have the no rarity japanese base set gyarados?

Sadly no, that’s also one of my major goal cards. I have every other rendition of the original Base Gyarados with exception to the Snap Card and the No Rarity Japanese card.

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