new to the site

Hi guys,

I am new to the site and recently searched Google for advice and this site cropped up.

I am a collector from the yesteryear and have decided to start buying blister packs and sealed wotc boxes (base set).

I will only buy booster boxes that are wrapped with the wotc cellophane. Can these still be faked?

Are there fake blister packs out there?

I appreciate your advice in advance and look forward to discussing all things pokemon card collected.


Hello. Get out while you still can! Just kidding. Most of the stuff that is fake is usually really easy to spot. Most of the typical places online and offline also don’t sell fake stuff. There were some fake base boxes being sold on ebay because i guess not all the base boxes had the logos on the plastic but I don’t think anyone has ever managed to fake the plastic wrap with the logos.

Thanks, I did think this.

I suppose over time when people realise the value this will become a bigger problem.

I believe the fake single packs are light in colour compared to the genuine packs but I will be avoiding these as clearly people weigh the packs anyway.

The blister packs have got me confused though lol.