New PSA feature looks cool

Thoughts? Will this be more effective than ebay sold listings? I haven’t really experimented with it yet so maybe there’s an obvious flaw that makes it unusable.

But it’s a great idea nonetheless!

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Oh wow I love this. Idk how they aggregate all of the things (whether it’s manual or they use some kind of identifier to pull the confirmed sold listing), but seems like it’s a quicker way to scan eBay sold listings for certain PSA cards, lol.

Edit: After scrolling through some more, it just seems like anything that “sold” was listed – that means sales that ended up not going through/were re-listed are still considered realized and recorded.

Edit Edit: The nice part about this, though, is that sold listings extend back to listings that have already been purged by eBay! For those, you have to use your best judgment to determine if the sale actually went through, though, since you can’t hop onto eBay and see whether the item was relisted/etc.