New PSA Case Revealed

So, whenever I hear “heavier” I also think, “cheating”. When I worked in marcom, sales said, “It’s heavier so it feels like better quality.” We said, “Sure. That sounds fine. But it’s heavier because it’s aluminum, and capable of taking 1000o without melting.”

We made a diagnostic lab-grade high speed camera, and some competitors did have a melting problem. :smirk: I’m not saying it’s bad… necessarily. But this means it’ll be similar to CGC’s case weight, yeah?

Right? I thoughty that too. Expecting to see a new style of slab and then, “meh” it’s the same as before but it has relatively invisible improvements! “OOOOoooo!” :eyes:

Are they going to fix the PSA “rattle”?

Almost all of my PSA slabs rattle like a maraca.

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I have a few slabs I’ve been needing to send in for a recase but I’ve been putting it off. I’m going to try and get those out this week, it’ll be cool getting to hold the new case myself.

No mylar, no movement, no unwanted Newton Ring illusions.

Seems like it. That’s what PSA said. I’ll miss using my slabs as maracas at parties.

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