New pranskster Pichu card

I was searching online this morning and came across a post today on pokebeach that shows a post about a new Pichu card obtained by purchasing a clothing item off graniph.
I’m hoping this means we are going to see some more Pichu cards and other Pokemon who don’t get much love in the tcg in recent years


Pichufan screaming right now


Cool promo. Like you said hopefully they make more baby Pokémon cards in the near future.

I’ve managed to get one ordered through a guy in Japan, picked up my son a Pichu shirt cos he loves him too and I get the card

Thought those were boogers at first lol

This is the first Pichu card in more than 10 years, right? About time.

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Yep, last Pichu card was the Polish Mysterious Treasures Pichu from June 1st, 2012. (And for English and Japanese it would be the HeartGold & SouldSilver one of February 10th, 2010 and October 9th, 2009 respectively.) So about a decade since the last Japanese Pichu TCG card release.

You’d think being the smaller brother of the mascot who gets a new TCG card every 2-3 days on average will do you good, but apparently not…

Very cool new artwork, though! :blush: Hopefully it’s one of many.



Beautiful card! It’s been too long for another Pichu card.

Is this going to be pricy? I’d have thought not, but wondering how accessible it will be for us Europeans…

Asking for a umm friend Cameo collector.

Gratz to PichuCollectors tho!!!

@pentagon, it’s Japanese only as the worldpay feature on the site seems to be disabled for anyone else in the world aside Japan. The cheapest product you can buy on there that gets you the card is for ¥2,200 which is pretty cheap. Just need a Japanese middleman really to get your hands on one. Or wait for eBay listings in your country


Huh, seems like there’s an English version of this card they’ve printed on a T-shirt. Wonder if this means it’ll also get an English release.

I ordered the short-sleeved shirt. Love the fact that an image of the card is actually stitched into the hem. :sunglasses:

I can’t get the global shipping to work for Canada.

Anyone else running into issues with it?