New Pikachu FA, Absol/M Absol EX!


Owning this in PSA 10 is the key to my future satisfaction with life.

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awesome card

I do not like the full art, it Looks fake, this one is even less fake:

I really like the unique artwork in this card. :open_mouth:

It looks amazing. Sit down, son.


Worst pikachu art ever

I like the absol though

Feel like a downer all the time, since the new cards came out. Guess I am just still a bit in love with the old cards

cheezy to the max

It does look cheap.

Everyone knows how much of an FA fanboy I am, but yeah this does look like one of those fan made cards. I don’t hate it but I dont like it nuch either.

Wont stop me trying to get one though.

Not getting the hate here. Looks pretty cool to me, but I’m all for more hand-drawn full art cards.


Maybe, just maybe, it looks like fan art because the fan art is getting really good.

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Maybe you want to 1v1 me in CoD, scrub?

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Considering Pancham is on this card, I need it. :wink: I also think the art looks super cool! Nice change of pace from the 3D full art crap.

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I need that pikachu in my life haha. I see what you guys mean about looking cheap and in your face but I like the odd few cards like that. The xy-p set in general I really like so I hope this is genuine :grin: