New here :)

Hi guys my name is Christopher Patrick
but you can call me Chris.

I used to collect pokemon cards years ago but since the video games of Pokemon B&W. I started to remember how much fun it was collecting the actual cards.

Most of my current cards are out dated so i guess i have alot of catching up to do :sunglasses:

Can someone please help me get back into collecting?
Thank you very much.

Welcome! :blush:

You have come to the right place. A good bit of our members have been collecting for quite a few years so if you have any questions that may have not been answered feel free to ask.

Haha outdated? No…that just means you have the good ol’ ones in my opinion.

Cp is short for crazy pokemon lol

Hahaha! I didn’t even catch that. Darn my 4 hours of sleep and my nature to be welcoming :stuck_out_tongue: