New Crobat :D

Look what I ended up “winning” on ebay yesterday for $13.50:,ext=ext

I also had a coupon for 10% off on a $25+ order, so I added a $15 gift card and got it basically for a little over $10. Nothing super rare, but crobat has always been a pokemon I have always found cool (we all have that one embarrassing pokemon we like lol) and this dark crobat is sicckkkk.

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great price!

Yeah, I went and put $18 as my max bid maybe 8 hours before the end and expected if I were to win it, it would at least have been around that much and next thing I know I got the “YOU WON, PAY NOW” alert from ebay on my phone lol :blush:

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Hey Zach. You should make a thread in the Collection Additions section so you can keep a log/update for when you buy stuff like this for your Collection.


Sorry about that!

It’s ok, you aren’t in trouble or anything. Just directing you there so you don’t inadvertently post a load of topics.