New collector, my organizing plan, feedback appreciated.

Being new to collecting Pokemon I’m trying to find a way to organize from the beginning the will allow for growth. After looking at previous releases I’ve come to the conclusion that a base set and a couple expansions are released for each series. Is this correct?

Sun and Moon for example looks like it has 3 expansions, Guardians Rising, Burning Shadows, and Crimson Invasion. I’m starting with this series and will be randomly working my way backwards.

I really like the pro series binders and actually just got my first from amazon, the poke ball one. So here’s what I thinking.

2 base sets can fit into 1 binder plus room for extra’s. So I’m thinking the Sun and Moon base, plus Guardians Rising in one and then Burning Shadows and Crimson Invasion in another. This will also allow from for the better extras.

Duplicates/Bulk will be sorted into boxes by set and set number. The hire end cards like EXs and GXs will be either graded or placed into a white shoe box sorted by set and series.

Due to the fact I’d like my own shop one day it is my thought to put 1 set of as many series together as possible. People who don’t know exactly what they want will be able to look through each set, find the card they want to add to there deck or collection, then just go to the box and get it.

I’m sure this systems isn’t perfect and will need to be tweaked as my collection grows but it seems like good start to me. So what do ya’ll think? Am I on the right track?

Thank you in advance for your feedback, it is greatly appreciated.