New cards for me!!!

Since they decided to change the design for the Victory Medal card I thought I may as well get them all (instead of just the one 2007-2008 set I have), so I made this trade:

Luxray GL LV.X
Leafeon LV.X
2 RH Looker’s Investigation
RH Pokemon Communication
6 RH Professor Oak’s New Theory

Victory Medals
2006-2007 SPRING
2008-2009 AUTUMN
2008-2009 SPRING
2009-2010 AUTUMN
2009-2010 SPRING
2010-2011 AUTUMN

I don’t think I’ll need the Luxray LV.X for any more decks and though I’m pulling it out of one of my keepsake all holo decks I figure I’ll be able to pick another couple of them up for less than $10 each once that set rotates out of competitive play. The same thing can be said for all the meta cards really. I try to look at these kind of trades as which I would rather have in the future.

I think I pulled off a very good trade since right now I’m a little ahead in value. In two years, I would have given up an estimated $27 worth of cards for who knows, right now $155, if they follow with the Japanese and keep changing the Victory Medal around maybe a chunk more.

What do you all think?

LOL, interesting trade, because you’re trading cards that see play for those with collector value. As for whether you did a good trade, I have no idea!

price wise value
Luxray gl lv x 60-90
leafeon lv x 20-30
2 reverse holo DCE 30 for both
RH pokemon communication 8
6 RH oak’s new theory give or take 15 for that

victory metals they do look cooler.the card value does die down especially for luxray and leafeon when they are rotated its mostly in your favor for value wise as of now

Luxray is $60
Leafeon is $20
DCE are 10 each
Poke Comm are 5 each

I do see some fools who pay more than that for them, but if you use your brain in the least you can buy them all day long at those prices. If you know someone who is willing to pay $90 a piece for the Luxrays, please let me know because I have a few more I would like to sell to them :blush:

@dogma- I feel I got the better end of the deal, by far. I still have plenty of all of those to play with (and the ones I traded were all played as well). I make all holo decks to pass down to my grandkids (provided I have any) so they will be special. The 4 cards I traded out of one of those decks I should be able to replace for $20 or less all together in a year or 2. I don’t think I can get even one VM for that most of the time.