NEO: The World Ends With You.

Anyone else here a Twewy fan or going to check out the new game? I was kinda excited when I heard there was sequel finally coming out. Then I heard the soundtrack preview and now I’m pretty hype for the game. Can’t wait to hear what other heavy hitting bangers there are in the ost. Out of the three tracks shown so far, this is my favorite one.


A cult classic for sure. I really enjoyed the first one, I didn’t know a sequel was planned, that’s really cool!

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Looks like you’re so zetta slow on the news.

But, if you haven’t played the switch remake, it’s worth looking into since it adds 3 more short chapters that set some build up for the sequel. There’s also a new short anime series for it now as well, I need to get around to watching it. Wanna wait and be able to watch it with my friend I did a co-op playthrough of the game with though.


Wasn’t expecting to see this thread on the forum to be honest but I’m always super happy to talk about TWEWY :grin:

I’m so hyped for NEO! I got the original game for the DS back in like 2008/2009 and it’s been one of my all time favorites ever since. Every time I return to it I’m always impressed with how it holds up. The switch version was a fantastic remake, with all of the song remixes and added content. I have no idea how the new game will hold up but I’m buying it day one and going to take time off work to play it. I heard the story takes about 50+ hours :open_mouth:

Haha, same. I’m using my time off requests at work for release day to drive out of town to get it day one. I live in the middle of nowhere, so there’s no chance the stores here are getting it. Not sure how I feel about how the combat system for NEO is going to work, with only one pin for team member, and controlling/swapping between them with the four face buttons. Could be interesting though, so I’ll have to wait and see how it plays out.

Part of me wanted the combat to pretty much the same as before, mainly because it was so good. I don’t think they could capture that magic again so maybe going with something new was the right way to go. I really hope the soundtrack lives up to the original, that was part of what made the game so good.

I’m debating whether I want to get it on PS4 or Switch. It’ll probably run better on PS4 but the Switch is so nice for the portability.

Another fan here, the first part was the most influential game of my childhood. It taught me some great life lessons and made me a different person. Few games can claim that, Nier Automata being one of the other exceptions. Also, I feel that TWEWY’s amazing story gets overshadowed by its revolutionary gameplay, music and art style. Which is a shame.

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I’m not sure they can really top the first game’s soundtrack. Considering I’ve been listening to the two preview songs pretty much everyday though, I don’t think I’m worried too much about not liking the new games songs. It’s been confirmed there’s going to be 30 new tracks for the game, so lots to look forward to there.
Just take it easy r e l a x, would you like to have something to drink?

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