Neo Rev Shining Gyarados Text Error

Curious as to just how prevalent the “cqin” text error is on Shining Gyarados?

I initially bought this battle scarred copy raw from a local shop early last year, and noticed the “o” + “,” looking mistake in the word “coin” in Outrage’s text. I’ve only seen one other copy with this error since (another unlimited copy).

It’s clearly printed and not just an ink smudge, but I can’t find any mention of it being picked up online.

Anyone else have one? And considering what passes for variants (looking at you, Red Dot Blastoise), would you class this as a recognisable variant?


Not an error collector, but I just looked at the first 100 Shining Gyarados listings on eBay for fun and found two with that ink print. Not really a useful sample size to determine anything about how prevalent it is, but seems to be more than a one off. Of note, the copy you have, the one you mentioned, and the two I found were all unlimited cards. Listings I referenced linked below for the viewing pleasure of anyone into these sorts of things, as well as a quick screenshot for whenever the listings go away:

Cqin Gary 1
Also a cqin Gary


Amazing work, thanks so much for doing that! Not sure I’d have had the stamina to scan through 100 eBay listings.

It’s nice to see there are more out there, and the confirmation that they’re (so far) all unlimited copies is interesting. All four copies are also double holo/holo bleed too, judging by the listings you found.

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So I’ve just had a flick through about 10 pages of sold listings on eBay and found three more copies with the error:

If it is reproducible then it is recognizable. However, this is one of the least noteworthy errors I’ve seen and I would be willing to bet that it does not fetch a premium :slight_smile:

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I agree, I doubt it’d fetch a premium, but it’s still good to have all the repeated Wotc errors catalogued.

Not sure I’d call this one of the least noteworthy though, when we’ve got classics like “scratch error” Pinsir and “line error” Venonat from Jungle, or the multitude of ink dot errors that warrant putting on a label. :laughing:


Hey, this one is neat! :upside_down_face:


beauty is in the eye of the beholder

All error cards start somewhere, and over time some become more sought after/popular. The type of error is only one of many factors that can influence the desirability of a particular error card. Discovering a new error (no matter how minor) 20 years after a card’s initial release is awesome to me.


Yep I’m not bashing on it, always glad to find new errors :slight_smile: