Neo Discovery Pack opened during shipment

I ordered a Neo Discovery pack from the UK on eBay. The pack arrived opened. Seller has 600 positive feedback with zero negative feedback. Did customs do this?

I am extremely upset. I have seen that it has happened to Leonhart from a couple of his videos. Has it happened to anyone else? Can I do anything about it?

Welcome to e4, @yipee! Really sorry that your Neo Discovery pack was opened when it was imported from the UK. Historically, this has happened (e.g., booster boxes being opened), but I have heard of it less frequently with packs. Regardless, eBay should be able to cover you if the listing stated that the contents were factory sealed. Make sure that you file this claim within 72 hours of it arriving to your residence, or eBay may reject your claim.

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Was it a good set of cards inside?


If customs has opened the package they will have marked such on the package