Neo Destiny 1st Ed. PSA 10 Shinings

Hi Everyone.

I’m looking to polish off the rest of the shinings from neo destiny. Potential sellers I am looking for the following:

1st edition PSA 10 Shining Kabutops - $800
1st edition PSA 10 Shining Steelix - $650
1st edition PSA 10 Shining Noctowl - $650

Thank you.

Looks like you got the hardest ones out of the way already . . . good strategy, good prices, and good luck!

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Some of those harder ones that are knocked out I have you to thank for :blush:

@silentoaths, That’s right! I forgot about that. I’m happy to hear you are finally finishing off the set! I kept one of each for my personal collection too.

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@silentoaths, I am trying to sell a kabutops for 950. let me know :blush:

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