Neep help may have been scammed

Hello guys i recently purachased a pokemon box from this guy through ebay private messages

He told me to use square reader which is faster and cheaper way of paying

So i give him my cc number and what not amd he replies payment wrnt through and he will ship tommorow (friday) so i send him a message asking him if he shipped friday and no replies at all …and before payment this guy would bug me non stop when i will pay him and now ive sent him multiple messages through ebay with absoluetly No Replies.

I only know his ebay to private message contact him i mau also have an email of his but i will have to search again.

But i need your guys help because it was alot of money…anyone who has experience om how square reader refind works or will i have to go to my banl and file complaint fraud or whatever

Or is tgier a way to get sellers phone numbwr through ebay or something

It sounds like a scam.

You should contact your credit card company and eBay to sort things out.

Ok thank you any more help would still be appreciated

Yup, you got scammed… You should contact your credit card company NOW


Contact your CC company and tell them your CC was stolen ONE hour before you did the transaction, they will do a charge-back for any payments made, DO NOT tell them YOU made the transaction.

Hope it all ends well, and I’m sure it will, using your CC was the best way to protect yourself, if you had sent funds through PP that would’ve been trouble. Just don’t do transactions like these anymore, like the old saying goes: If it’s too good to be true it probably is. Also never do transactions with eBay members outside of eBay.

Ok thanks very much would it matter if i used a debit card ? Dont think so well ill call then to let them know

Since you use debit card via online, it is processed as a credit transaction, which is disputable… if you entered your pin and made it a debit transaction, you cannot dispute it as unauthorized.

Ok good cause i did not enter my pin

What’s his user id so we’ll be forewarned?

Actually found out his phone number so will also call him if things dont work out than ill reveal everything…

Hope everything goes well, I HATE scammers with a passion. Don’t give it too much time though, these people will sweet talk their way out little by little gaining enough time so that Paypal or your CC company will deny any chargeback. Oh and if they offer you something else in the deal but if you give them more time or allow it to work through, request an immediate refund or process the chargeback, there is a 99.9% they’re BS’ing you.

This is something that cannot be stressed enough. It is too easy for scammers to keep you waiting long enough that PayPal and whatnot will deny a charge back. Those 30 days go by fast when you are making online purchases.

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Do not contact ebay about this. They won’t help you at all because it is against Ebay’s rules to use ebay to make outside-of-ebay transactions. They may even punish you.

Well, the seller was the one who pushed an out-of-eBay transaction.

I’d imagine eBay would punish the seller, if anyone.

False. It takes 2 people to break that rule. The seller who initiates the out of ebay transaction and the buyer who permitted this transaction to go through. So both will be punished.

Please note in mind tgis item was never posted on evay i just i inquired if he had it in hos collection and it went on from there

I got his phone number and we discussed he will ship monday with tracking and overnight shipping

you should never give out ur credit card info :confused: