Need two English Tripocal beaches!

I am looking for two English tropical beach cards, they can be either 2011 or 12. Willing to trade. PM me! :blush:

They do not need to be staff/placing…just normal

Mike, do you play the actual game? Haha

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yeah starting to :blush:

What deck are you looking to run? Blastoise?

yeah any advice? I feel kinda screwed since VirGen

Honestly, VirGen does counter Blastoise, but I feel VirGen isn’t structured enough so that every VirGen deck will have the upper hand against Blastoise. If you switch around your list a bit, you can definitely put up a good fight against VirGen decks. And with the introduction of best of 3, you’ll have a good chance at redeeming a loss and pulling out a second win.

Now should I not run mewtwo? And do I need tropical beach? What would be a good substitute?

You’d have better luck on Pokegym for playable English cards imo

Why don’t you make a virgen deck?

Because I have a blastoise deck started :stuck_out_tongue: and then there is embore anyway

For the price of beaches, I’d say it’s financially worth it to restart haha