Need Misty's Politoed from 5th movie half deck

I would prefer the single, but will get the whole deck if need be. Any help appreciated.

Why do you need it?

It’s a bitch to find. It took DJ and Scott to help me find it, and even then it took me a year (it would’ve been shorter except I missed an auction)

to help a friend out. Do you perhaps have an extra?


You’re kidding right? Seriously it’s reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally hard to find. The one person who just might be able to help you is Jimmy (the cardcollector uk dude). I bought my 5th deck from him.

I think he might be able to help. I have bought lots of things from him.

Dogma- value wise, what am I looking at? I’m patient so time isn’t too muck of an issue. Any idea why this half deck is so hard to come by though?

themagickookie- if you have report built with him already, would you mind finding out on my behalf please? I’ve never dealt with him and he may be like a lot of sellers who would favor someone who is a loyal customer over someone who just wants 1 card from them.


It shouldn’t be that expensive. I got the entire deck for £40 I think, and that was me overpaying. For the one card you’d have to get someone to break up the deck, which they’re not likely to do, so I would say take £40 as a ballpark figure?

It could be different from that though, as so few ever change hands (publicly). It must’ve had a much lower print run than the later decks. And obviously, the Misty cards have some of the best art ever :blush:

BTW I Think Scott and Dan know Jimmy a lot better than me, they might be able to help too. But he’s a friendly guy and will come back to you if you ask him.


Scott, Dan…Please help? :blush:

Have you tried checking Plamoya? They have a pretty random selection of things

I take it that’s a website? .com? .net? .xxx??

found it. While they do have some cool stuff, it’s all more recent. Thanks for the tip though. Now I have a place to get Japanese Sleeves for cheaper at least :blush: