Need help pricing Battle Boost Mirror Secret cards and rev's

Could anyone tell me what to ask for the ebb mirror secret cards? Could get Psa 10, should I grade them instead and expect a big return due to their rareness? All cards in picture are mine and I’m selling them together, only having problems with those super rare ones.

Any guesses and or help on pricing them would help, please comment :blush:

A large part of the demand for these cards comes from people looking to complete the EBB reverse set. A marked up PSA copy wouldn’t be too appealing to the majority of the market, given how it won’t really fit in with the rest of the set they have so far. There are always fans of particular pokemon who will pay well for the graded copies of whatever 'mon they collect, but those people are too few and far between.

Personally I’d say your best option is to sell them raw, and individually. This set is stupidly hard to finish, and people tend to pay well for mint singles.

EDIT: I’ve seen singles go for $5-$20 each!


Im selling them for 4 euros a piece, secrets for 20 a piece

@soulwind I know had originally got a bunch of those? He might be the best person to ask values.

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