NEED [English] PSA 10 Latias Gold star

So as the title says I really want this card to complete my psa 10 english gold star set. There are 2 owners out there who are unknown to me. If anyone knows who they are or has a MINT latias I am very interested. Willing to trade pop 5 packs 1st ed Neo Destiny box (card plus money) etc. This card haunts me lol.

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@soulwind didn’t you have one of these for sale a little while back?
I know the other one is in the complete set that is already out there.

I was pretty sure soul wind sold his so I didn’t ask. Probably should have.

I had three of the JPN Latias * PSA 10.

I still have one left, but you’re after the English one anyway. :blush:

Yea the english ones. It seems like e erroneous has those damn unlimited deoxys gold stars. Thanks for responding. I really want this card but it seems like it’s in the hands of a private collector.

I can keep an eye out for a raw copy. :blush: I will let you know if I see one!