Need Cards from Korean Black and White

I believe the ones I need are from Black (Booster boxes had Reshiram on them). I’m only three cards away from finishing this set. I need:


I would provide more information about them but the Korean version of the TCG lacks decent exposure and with it, decent scans/lists.
I have for trade doubles of nearly every C/U in the set plus the following holo rares:

#10: Emboar
#18: Beartic
#40: Klinklang

Additionally, I’ll outright purchase them if preferred. Also open to any contacts or outside sources someone can provide for me. I’d really just like to finish my set. Thanks!

Bump from sheer desperation. If there isn’t any help to be found here, I’m really just not sure where else I can go to finish this set. Haha. Really, even a tip or a contact would be a world of help.