National Beginning Set

Does anyone know if we are going to be getting ANY of these cards in English? This has been out for two months now and seeing the new sets makes me uncertain if we will be getting them or not.

I don’t want to save up to get this if I know it will come to us in english (just to save on money in the future).

In my opinion, I don’t think they will come out in English.

  1. We haven’t had half-decks since the ex series in English, especially a set of 3.
  2. No one wants to translate the How To Play DVD’s and Manuals :stuck_out_tongue:

it will come out in english mostly but not like that.most of the time it will be mixed in with a set or just made into promo stuff so it would be mostly easier to get

My only concern is that the Boys and Girls when Black and White was FIRST coming out- ALL of the cards from that set eventually came out as english cards to us. this was the first time I saw an Intro pack use ALL of the cards instead of leaving Japanese exclusives…

I think we will get those cards eventually. It’s just that for the rest of the year the English TCG is pretty tight - they HAVE to use the Dragon sets in August because of the Dragon type’s debut and they HAVE to use the BW2 set in November to promote the new games. I could see some of them in November’s set, or February’s.

That seems plausible Frost. I’m just wanting to avoid waiting too long, they don’t come out and then the cost of the set shoots through the roof.

Since BW7 JP was announced today and there’s only around 70 cards in it, it’s looking very likely that our February 2013 English set could be Plasma Gale (BW7) + the National Beginning Set, as there’s only 30 new cards in the latter and that would put BW8 US at around 100 cards.