Mystic7 with a big vintage booster box purchase


That’s a nice assortment of boxes! I can’t imagine traveling with a million in cash, wouldn’t a cashiers check be a better option? It’s pretty much as good as cash.

I didn’t watch the video, did he actually pay in cash?!?!

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Supposedly. We’re shown envelopes and a money counter lol but the cash is blurred out for some copyright reason?

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I see Pokemon sent some more reprinted vintage boxes to influencers again.



And they purposefully cut the corners badly for pop control :brain:


Has Pokemon Go been that good to him that he can make a $1m purchase? lol

That was Kenli Lin from all the Facebook groups in the vid as well. I imagine he was part of this deal.


I wouldnt be surprised if he could afford the purchase if need be. It looks like Kenli was part of the deal.

However Mystic 7 had talked about his previous youtube channel prior to pokemon was at times making up to 30k a month while he we was still in high school. So as this stuff is all clearly inventory for his new Rips buissness its definitely possible he bought it all.

b r u h hes gonna rip it all?

Soulless collection.


Interesting! I didn’t know he was a YT-er before Pokemon Go.

Still incredible how people just leave opened boxes (and sealed) untouched for 20 years - especially after the pandemic boom as well.

I like his Go content and have been watching since the game came out but his card videos and everything related is hype dog flipper ripper style which I do not enjoy. It’s a very cool collection. Seems like he only got a fraction of the collection as he keeps mentioning his $100k and based on the website he only got a small selection.

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I like his Pokémon go stuff too

Yeah it’s for his business not personal

smh not a #trucollector


Part 2:

Cops about to pull him over for excessive use of cringe thumbnails


Im not trying to hate but like wow this is a solid 10 minute video stretched into a 40 minute video :sob:

I’m no Mystic7 fan but I can’t say I blame him for that one. This is a once in a lifetime type of deal.