Mysterious Token (Excitement with more tokens, variants, abilities, and conspiracies abound!)

You’ve found a Mysterious Token!

My goodness it is a handsome little thing, but what is it?

I was out exploring during an arts & crafts festival and my Item Finder detected something nearby. As I was searching around the festival grounds, there in the notch of a large tree I found a small cache filled with Mysterious Tokens, likely brought their by a mischievous Pokemon. There were too many for me to study alone and I immediately had to share this discovery with the world of E4. Since this is the first time anything like this has been found, and in order to find more out about this discovery, I have had them scattered across E4. Hopefully with help from some of the best Pokemon researchers across the globe, we can try to find out more about these Mysterious Tokens. Currently help seems to be limited to some lucky E4 users who participate in events often, but it seems there wasnt enough Mysterious Tokens found for everyone to help just yet. Maybe a helpful user will know about how to find more.

It sure is mysterious though. Is it an object of worship from a bygone age or is it useless junk?

Maybe in time and with the help of everyone who has found one posting, more secrets can be found.

More tokens, Variants, and conspiracies abound

Exciting news and updates, even more mystery!

I had planned on a once weekly update but with the way information has been being discovered, I had to give an update sooner.

First, thanks to @tcgmaine who was able to find evidence of variants! I forgot about them when I sent all the materials out (very busy with other things you know, cant pay attention to all the details). @pfm also posted proof of them existing out in the world beyond my testing lab.

Next is more threats from @stagecoach, whom I dismissed as attention seeking, with claims of ownership of a curse coming true if the Tokens were not returned to their mystical resting place. No proof provided although information began to take a turn that may make claims a bit more valid.

Again, @tcgmaine dedicating themselves to researching the Tokens and following clues from others to find that Tokens have the ability of magnetism. If this ability applies to all of them and the power of this ability is yet unknown but it appears the @pfm had found the same phenomena happening.

Next is that somehow this forum is doing its automated duty of “innocently” scanning and archiving and decided to link together some questions about a badge being awarded to some members. This badge seems to relate to possessing found items. @xileets has not responded to claims about stolen property.

Final update is that it was suggested to use the power of the forums AI to help. This massive computing robot has led to a flurry of reveals such as @stagecoach being able to tamper with AI answers and a possible AI led heist related conspiracy, myself getting innocently incriminated, a possible cabal level conspiracy with lots of enigmatically vague warnings/threats?, and refocusing on the purpose of the topic: To get answers about these Tokens through proof.

The truths are out there somewhere but it seems we need more information and data points, time for people to continue to reveal their research materials in this topic still seems to be needed. I urge those who are researching to leave no stone unturned or topic unread and consolidate the relevant information you find here. @mrpandachum is already doing so by going back to the first unveiling of this mysterious image, but what can it all mean?

6 Tokens found as research materials go global

Good to see some more reports of research materials reaching beyond the US. Hoping that they can add some more documentation to this mystery. Seems like there are bits and pieces of information in other topics but if I wanted to trust everything on the internet I would listen to facebook so all documentation and discoveries should be posted in this topic to be verified.

Current crowdsourced speculation:
Possibly left by aliens?
Redeem at Celadons gamecorner for a plush meowf
Possibly taken from a vault beneath the Fortress of Solitude (Katahdin branch)
Possibly a gift from faeries?
Claims of unconfirmed outrage and unconfirmed theft
Claims of planning an event with Nicholas Cage for some kind of historical heist
Claims of Kanto only (disproven by additional documentation)
Claims of relation to Cabal (whatever that is)
Possibly made from fossils?
Possibly an art currency?
Potentially related to friend code 7777-3157-9316

Currently confirmed: 6 gold tokens confirmed. No purpose found yet. No abilities confirmed yet. No variations confirmed yet. Confirmation relies on reports or documentation which must be posted in this topic.

I ask anyone to help with researching what these are, what they are for, and trying to uncover any mysteries they may hold. I suppose time is needed for research to be done.

First pending message

What could it mean…




I hope this “Mysterious Token” is an E4 NFT drop.


It is a subscription for @lyleberr crafts services where the artworks just keep getting more and more complex and even dangerous the more you progress.



:eyes: :eyes:


I wants a token

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:robot: :robot: :robot:



This is where we find out that by signing up for the forum we agreed to the ToS that made all of our cards really just @lyleberr property. And it’s time to collect what’s owed. Turn in your cards for reasons of national security.


They don’t just give these things out.


Ah shucks it was worth a shot

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I’d say “it doesn’t hurt to ask” but it hurt me, actually.



All of my coins are safely stored in a concrete bunker deep in the mountains of Maine. If the wolves don’t get you the landmines will.


I’m just assuming this highly coveted token is for me upon receipt of my incredibly collectible and highly valued signature as part of the signature exchange. @lyleberr You really shouldn’t have, I share my talent with all for the good of efour - no need to bribe me!


Ooopoh, that’s what those things are in my basement?

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It means you need to replace the ink in the printer? or is it the toner? Not sure that makes print skip like that? Is it naked? A censored message?

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I believe that it says to ask you @lyleberr for hints? So could I have a hint please? :meowth:

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What gives you that impression? I don’t participate in roleplay. I find it frivolous.


Nice try. “I have something you’ll want to see in my basement.” As if I’ve never been bricked up behind a false wall before.


I keep going in the basements though because there could actually be something and im not going to miss out. Kind of like when strangers tell me they have candy in their van. The next one might actually have candy. Gotta check them all