My purpose

So My pokemon collections main purpose has been collecting 1st edition cards of my favourite childhood deck. Its been a long process over years and I am still only 50% done but it’s getting there!

Aside from this I am working on a 1st ed base set but I wont bother putting any pics up of that til its done.

I got another super energy removal coming too! :grin: Chansey, Wigglyuff, hitmonchan and kangaskhan are my favs if you didnt know :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s awesome! I love the reflective nature of those old holo foils. It has been a long time since I have seen a classic deck of cards…ahh reminds me of the pokemon league/playground days.

I loved the league!! Lots of good times had there. i cant wait to finish this. i have enough to make 2 non 1st ed ones but its just not the same.

My friend plays a raindance deck. It can be pretty explosive!

I actually really really like this idea! Good for you, keep at it and I’ll be looking forward to seeing it complete. Really takes me back.

Though I would go a head and do an update. I took some better pics of the playsets and one last pic to show what I still need! :blush:

Getting there!!

Well on your way, congrats :blush:

Looking awesome. Can’t wait to see it finished.