My newest things

10th anniversary promo set, still sealed, with the Darkrai that you got when you actually saw with the movie, also sealed

Pokepark Nagoya 2005 Card file, still sealed(also still looking for green sealed file if anyone knows where to find one)

And a PSA 9 Corocoro Shiny Mew Promo, wanted to buy a PSA10 but didn’t have the cash at the moment

Uploading more pics tomorrow!

Wow nice 10th anniversary promo set and mew.

The 10th promo sheet was the first thing that I’ve decided to leave sealed. Fond memories.

Nice gets!

ty everyone!

@reina - The 10th anniversary set has a spot for Darkrai but never actually came with one, the darkrai was instead given out when going to see the movie in Japan, and that is the promo that was given out at the movie, which I obtained through an entirely seperate purchase

Also - Just got my hands on a 700 pt Fan Club Porygon :grin:, it hasn’t arrived yet I’ll get some pictures when it does