my ebay stuff

Is the auction for ALL the stuff you listed or JUST the Victory Ring?
If it is for ALL cards and they are mint I am going to BIN!

its for all the cards 90% percent of them are mint only like 3 ex cards have creses and a handfull of comons and uncomons and my lugia ex is TERIBLE CONDISHON same with dustox ex other than that the rest are mint-near mint and one of the shinig mews has got a cresse that is what I can rember if you want I can go through all of them just let me know but other than that they are great expechally the trophies

I just calculated again…$400 is a bit high. More like $300 shipped for everything. LMK if you are still interested.

it would depend on where you live, pm me your adress so I can get an exact price and we can work it out from there?

Im sorry was that mabe to much to ask? but I dont think I can do 300 shipped mabe 300 + shipping?

I can’t do $300 + shipping (shipping would be at least $50). LMK if you are still interested in doing $300 shipped and if so, you can check shipping cost to Hannover, Germany.