Moving from Binders to Rigid Holders

Considering moving from binders to rigid holders for all my master sets. The amount of binders/space they take up is getting a bit out of control. Does anyone else do this? What do you think is a better option. Toploaders or CardSaver IIs?

I see you can get around 1000 toploaders for $45 or 2000 cardsaver IIs for $90.

get a toploaderbinder.

tiz an epic way to store gem mint cards.

I started using the rigid holders and I switched over to the ultra pro padded binder pikachu because it was starting to use up too much space. Now with the binder I have room to collect more which is a plus for me.

I’ve thought about doing this as well. But I don’t think it’s for space savings so much. I do like the binders I’m using now though (still a work in progress):


For storage and viewing, I love card savers.

This box holds just under 500 cards in cardsavers. They are well protected, take up little space, easy to organize, and simple to safely pull out and look at.

Believe me, I’ve tried everything but like this the best:)

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Yes this is what I was thinking. I have close to 30 master sets now and binders just don’t seem the most space efficient on shelves compared to boxes. Binders are nicer to look at, but I just don’t stare at my sets all that often.

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