Most played cards

Hey guys. I am looking to complete the new sets and was just wondering which cards are popular for playing? I was looking at booster boxes and am planning to buy a black and white one but was not sure which cards are used in the game.

Any advice I would appreciate!

MagneBoar is currently the best deck. Magnezone is the best prime right now. Donchamp is the second best deck including Donphan Prime and Maachamp Prime. Magnezone is going for around $40. Rayquaza Deoxys Legend is the only really used Legend in the game and is used in the Magneboar deck. The full RDL is going for around $60. The Ability emboar is very useful. Pachirusu and Smeargle are very good in decks.

Thank you very much! I knew the magnezone was pretty popular right now! I actually sold a couple donphan’s that I had extra.

Would you say that the triumphant series is the best to buy if looking for valuable/playable cards?

I actually just want to get a good idea of the cards that are most played and have the most worth so I can stock up for trade at worlds!

I definitely woould go with triumphant over the others because the main strong cards come from there such as Magnezone and Machamp. Theres also a lot of good staple cards in there. Black and White is ok because it also has good staples plus the Pokemon with useful abilities. But even I was going to get few Triumphant booster boxes becuase if you get good pulls you can really get your money back on it. Example: Pulling 1 magnezone from the box is alreaady almost half the box cost :wink:

Reshiram is more used than zekrom.

Scott, hit me up on facebook when I’m online and I’ll give you some things to consider about your “project” :wink:

Yea I agree with u reina.

I appreciate the help a lot! I am in the dark as far as playing cards go since I am a collector.

I am considering getting a couple triumphant booster boxes, but if you guys have any other advice or information on the hot english cards that would be great!

Well, if you want boxes, then your best bet is to buy Triumphant boxes. The set has a couple of great trainers/energy (Junk Arm, Seeker, Twins, Rescue Energy) and also the best Primes from all of the HS sets. Yanmega, Magnezone, Mew, Machamp, Gengar…all those are playable and at least worth $10 each. The box ratio is 5-6 Primes + 2-3 Legends.

Yes All the Prime will get you at least $15 each and will be a great investment. Really Triumphant is the only booster box (playable in tourney box) that will provide value for what you pulll.

That is what I thought! And I am mainly doing this in hopes to trade at worlds. I know that some people prefer to trade only so I wanted to be prepared for that.

Dude I live in California and worlds is in San Diego I really want to go and experience it. If I went I definitely would be looking to buy/trade since I’m not to good at the game lol. But ya I’m thinking about buying a few triumphant boxes.

mainly much only booster boxes worth getting are right now triumphant call of legends and b/w.

hg/ss-donphan primes cleffa’s and pokemon collectors mostly
unleashed-just rare candys and a few other random supporters in which its common and are pretty dirt cheap
undaunted-only reason you get it is for the rayquaza deoxys legend but with the legend ratio its not guarentee you will get a complete set of it
triumphant-most of the sought after primes right now are in this set and people are looking for the alph lithograph as well.good supporters also
call of legends-think of it like power keepers just reprints but with pachirisu and cleffa’s plus the shinys in the set
black and white-the basic stuff for the new gen.emboar reishram’s zekroms and samurotts

so mostly the last 3 sets are what i say your best bet for cards to trade at world since people will value them very high in case of need at LCQ’s plus the trades there are very worth friend picked me up some of the pokemon center promos from japanese players for some random english reverse in triumphant your at least guarentee to make some of your money back if you pull the good primes.