Mossdeep's Buy Thread

Hello everyone,


:small_blue_diamond: Thank You! :small_blue_diamond:

You can message me here or on insta: mossdeepx

(bump, updated list) thanks everyone for your help in my first round! I’ve updated the list quite heavily, but here’s to finding more of those pop 1 cards! cheers!


thanks for the Charizard!, also sick business card.

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bump, getting close! + price adjustment.


one last bump before I send in my PSA submission. thank you to everyone that helped me complete my list, and here’s to finding those last autographs!

Tsunekazu Ishihara :laughing:

You just had to go out of your way to make my list harder :sob:

I probably won’t bump this too often, but maybe one day i’ll get lucky!

Why no Mitsuhiro Arita autographs!?

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He already has one from what I understand. Those 3 artists is all he needs to have one of every autographs that PSA recognizes. OP correct me if I’m wrong.


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I do love Arita, but I have a couple of his already

Correct! However, I do think PSA will grade other artists such as Masakazu Fukuda, which I do not have. Originally I just wanted Tajiri’s and Masuda’s, but PSA does not authenticate Masuda, so I switched to Himeno. And then ssjc convinced PSA to authenticate Ishiharas, so I just added that one onto the list for fun. I don’t plan on collecting every TCG artist’s autograph, but if one comes up for the right price I may be interested in it.

I don’t collect autographs on anything other than Pokemon cards, but since PSA doesn’t authenticate Masuda’s anyways, I thought this piece was pretty cool

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Are you saying PSA is authenticating Himeno’s sigs?

According to:

Himeno, Kagemaru is listed under art for a $20 authentication fee per signature. I’ve never tried it myself, (and to be honest I don’t think I’ve seen a PSA authenticated slab before), but the website says that they do. That being said, I don’t know what their specialists have up to date, or if they have every version of her autograph (if she has more than one style over the years).

Hmmm…as you know, I have her TMB name badge w/ neck strap, from 1999 which she also signed. I think it’ll fit nicely in a a postcard or jumbo card holder if they will actually authenticate it…though without the strap.
I’d love to get it officially authenticated even though I know it’s real:)


I’ve only ever seen one style! All of mine are from Worlds 06, and it matches Gary’s (with the addition of sketches) as well as photos of 2016 examples I’ve seen.

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bump! new updates, all help is appreciated.


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