Modestmudkip's big ol booster box buy thread

WTB ANY CONDITION SEALED willing to do F&F or G&S or meetup in Northeastern USA, prices based on best effort by me lol,
Willing to consider any condition sealed box. (If I have offended you with my offers please feel free to tell me I suck in the comments), also I have some random stuff to throw into the offer if that helps

Delta species 11k
crystal guardians 6.5k
Aquapolis 15k
expedition 14k
neo rev unlim 6-7k
power keepers 5-6k
team rocket 1st ed 7.5k
Team Magma vs team aqua 5k
dragon 8k
firered leafgreen 8k
fossil 1st ed 6.5k
neo discovery 1st or unlim 11k 7k
unseen forces 7k
heros 1st or unlim 8k 4k
challenge 1st or unlim 9k 6k
power keepers 6k
legend maker 6.5k
TRR 15-16k
destiny unl 14k


Making a deal for my Hurt CG box at 8500/9K locally.

Neo Rev ULTD - Had offers of 10-12k for mine

Just extending the personal experience. I hope you’re able to acquire some!

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can consider this buylist closed now, got a box, not all but I got one