Missprint Shining celebi T/O

Taking offers on this card. I reserve the right to refuse your offer. That is it.

tehdevil, you can post here but do not post on other threads with unrelated topics, more specifically do not post on someones buy/sell and advertise your card when it has nothing to do with their thread.

Also, do not report posts because you do not like them. They do not qualify as harassment because you do not like what people are saying.

If you’re respectful to the highly respected collectors who posted such as smpratte I’m sure it won’t get removed :blush:

Neat card! I would offer but I can’t beat your best offer for this card ($100.00) I would have taken that offer but who knows maybe you’ll get a better one. Try putting up an ebay auction.

Thanks cbd, I would rather just hang on to the card. I’m not that worried about it.

Awesome. Either way its a cool card. I believe rusty (the Charizard authority) is interested in these things. I believe he bid or won the articuno misprint that ended a couple months ago. It was a similar thing.

tehdevil, just to let you know you cannot post in someone’s buy/sell thread with an unrelated card. If they have something you have in their “want” section it is fine. The posts you are making in Bluey’s thread are not related to their Want list.

On topic, you should list your card on ebay and see what it earns. That is the best way to determine a cards actual value.

Nice, I was expecting to see half the bottom part of Celebi missing. I do think pushing it past 100 is hard but for not having many like it you never know. Putting it on eBay like Cbd said is going to be the best way to find out. DPer might even want it or who ever else, but if your not worried about selling it, why advertise selling it?

To get a price, frosty. To see an idea of what the people that actually collect the cards are willing to pay. I grew out of this a long time ago, but I know this card is extremely rare. I don’t care what anyone else says, I know for a fact, because I’ve searched everywhere on the internet and at actual events. And no one has ever even heard of a missprint celebi.

If you want a price estimate, post in “Price guide discussion”. Buy sell is with the intent to sell.

As the other members have already said, you should list it on ebay and see what it earns. That is always the best way to determine a cards actual price.

You should have done this in the first place instead of provoking an argument. I did have the intent to sell if someone made me a good offer. You just kept questioning me until you could skew what I was trying to say. I would appreciate it if you calmed down on the moderating.

You are posting in other threads with unrelated posts. Also, the post you made about me would easily deserve and immediate ban. Point being, I am not on a power trip. The members are just trying to help you understand how things work here and how things work on pretty much every forum.

On topic, if you see what everyone is saying they are just trying to illustrate the point that you really do not know somethings worth without sale history. It is difficult to price error cards as they are typically gimmicks unless it is a prominent error.

Lets move past this please.

Personally and from most peoples point, can’t put an average price on it as none have sold (that I know of anyway) recently if at all. The best and only real way like Cbd and Smpratte said is to put it on eBay and see what the people and collectors are willing to splash out on.
Myself, wouldn’t want to pay any more than $45-ish on that card.

I personally don’t collect misprints, so I don’t see a value in it, sorry.

And please don’t PM everyone about your card. If someone is interested, they’ll go to you.

Definitely ebay if your really looking to sell. Errors are a pretty specialized market in the TCG and since just about any error can make a card “unique”, it is hard to place a price tag on them (well, except for the pre-release Ricahu). Just like any card, it is only worth what people are willing to pay, and without one being sold before it is hard to establish a price. From similar errors I have seen I would not expect it to go much higher than $65-70 at max.

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