Missed out on a Chinese card :-(

I missed out on this PSA 10 GEM Poliwrath because I was stuck in a bloody meeting :frowning: I was hosting a meeting this morning when I saw the eBay reminder pop on my laptop…and my heart sank!


Look at it. What a beaut. Someone added a dollar to my bid.


You should have stopped the meeting, placed a bid (on a projector so all could have seen, of course), and then had another meeting explaining the rarity of Chinese base set cards.

But srs, I think everyone on this forum knows that missed auction feel. It’s not nice.


I was keeping an eye on that
(didn’t wish to buy it however)
but was intriguing

Gotta put in those true max bids for things like these.

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You wont see one of them again for a while :frowning:

There’s only one according to the PSA report. I shouldn’t have risked a sniping manoeuvre :frowning:

No 720 no scope for you sorry.

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Try contacting the seller/winner.

How? Can’t see who won and doubt the seller is allowed to tell me?

Ask the sellef if he wants to contact the buyer if he is willing go get in contact with you. Easy peasy lemon squizy.

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Start sniping man… don’t bother pushing it up slowly on an old bid way before the item ends.

Somebody would of sniped you at the end, and just forced to beat whatever figure you had placed max on e-bay.

I can’t believe they have an extension policy… . that pushes up pricing big-time. If ebay had that… you would just get constant overpayment of goods (from newer collectors, who don’t always research the market well). Plus I would imagine a lot more disagreements, and buyer protection claims… as people tend to get mentally frustrated towards the end of auctions or missing out on auctions, that they would bid extra, and overpay, forgetting to read descriptions carefully… then argue that the item was not in the state of the original auction. (paypal will automatically refund to almost any argument)… it would just cause more arguments.

I guess on the good side, it would really secure the market price straight for graded/sealed items worth, and would help the lazy bidders, plus help people who live in different GMT/UTC Time-zones. A lot of Pokemon listings end between 1am-5am my time which gets frustrating.