Mew Gold Star 1st Edition, qualifier?

Would this Mew Receive a Qualifier if I send it to PSA? what qualifier would it get?

If you are talking about the “OC” qualifier, probably not. It’s possible but they usually have to be pretty off center to get that qualifier. I’m certain PSA has a standard but I don’t know it myself.

I don’t know cause the inner blue border seems to be slanted to the left

Pretty common for Japanese cards from what I saw in Gym & Neo. Pretty much 75% of the packs I opened recently had slightly slanted borders. I don’t believe this has enough anything to get a Qualifier.

I don’t think it will get a qualifier. I have a Japanese Salamence ex from that same set which was mint apart from similar centering as your Mew has, and it came back as a PSA 8 unfortunately

As a rule of thumb I’m using that both the top and left sides of the card need to be pretty far off-center in order to get the OC qualifier, in this case it’s only the top that’s off-center so I don’t think that’s enough.