Mew and Latios/Latias Want List

Hello everyone!

I really appreciate the help I got with my last thread. I’m hoping I can further my collection goals with these cards as well.

I love Mew. That’s why it was the first card I started collecting. It’s really what got me into collecting. :blush: I’m in need of the following cards in Mint or Gem Mint condition along with any PSA graded Mew cards:

* Mew from Pokemon Scramble. It’s a promo card that was released to celebrate the release of Pokemon Scramble in Japan.

* Ancient Mew. I’m after the Japanese first release “Nintedo” error card. Also if someone has the rarer corrected version, I would be interested in that as well.

* Japanese Mew Gold Star from offense and Defense of the furthest ends. 1st edition is preferred but not a deal breaker.

* Latios and Latias from the Alto Mare Theater limited pack.

* Japanese Latios and Latias gold star from Clash of the blue Sky

Any help or offers will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I have a 1st edition Gold Star Latios Id be willing to part with :blush:

It’s near mint/mint tho!

Let me know if it’s of any interest to you!

Oh nice! Yes I would be interested. Could you PM me some pictures of it? I might still be willing to buy it. Thanks!

I’m at work for the rest of the day but I can tonight :blush:

Awesome! I look forward to it. :blush: